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2011 Breakthrough Innovation Challenge


  • 1st Place - Nanosatellite
  • 2nd Place - Electric Utility Vehicle
  • 3rd Place - Clipboard with mono-pod leg
  • 4th Place - All-in-one Tablet 
1st Place: Nanosatallite 2nd Place: Electric Utility Vehicle


A shoebox-sized nanosatellite that provides reliable means of effective calibration for the U.S. military's radar systems.

Team Members: Nicholas Fisher and Larry Martin

Electric Utility Vehicle

A vehicle which uses a proprietary electric drive and transfer case system unseen in the current market.

Team Members: David Hummer and Michael Mendez

3rd Place: Clipboard with mono-pod leg 4th Place: All in one Tablet

Clipboard with mono-pod leg

A lockable, articulating and extendable
mono-pod leg on a clipboard which provides
a portable platform to support writing, reading and other apparatuses.

Team Member: Wade Tanaka

All-in-one Tablet

A tablet that functions as a laptop, ipad, kindle, scanner and fax machine.

Team Member: Jessica-Nicole Ulloa