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2013 Breakthrough Innovation Challenge

The 2013 Breakthrough Innovation Challenge focused on Biomimicry. PACE challenged UH students and faculty to submit fresh ideas that are inspired by nature—innovative solutions (products, designs, services or processes) that mimic nature to solve human problems. The Challenge was organized in partnership with the College of Natural Sciences, the College of Engineering and the William S. Richardson School of Law.


  • 1st Place - Cloud Catcher
  • 2nd Place - Organ Assembly in Vitro
  • 3rd Place - Fly-Sailing
1st Place: Cloud Catcher 2nd Place: Organ Assembly in Vitro

Cloud Catcher
Namib beetle inspired building material

An energy-saving, water-harvesting wall that employs hydrophilic and hydrophobic relationships to remove water from outside air and pass clean, fresh air to building occupants.

Team members: Francis Newton Parks III and Monica Umeda

Organ Assembly in Vitro
Human cell and cellular microenviroment inspired organ assembly technology

A microbubble robot system that assembles single living cells to form tissues and organs outside of the body.

Team members: Qihui Fan, Wenqi Hu and Aaron Ohta

3rd Place: Fly-Sailing  

Basilisk lizard inspired hydrofoiling catamaran

A high-speed sailboat inspired by the Jesus lizard to provide more stability and make it more usable for a broader range of markets including personal, commercial and military applications.

Team member: Jon White