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About the UH Business Plan Competition

Launching in 2000, the UH Business Plan Competition has grown to become one of the most exciting, feature events of the University of Hawai‘i entrepreneurial ecosystem. The BPC is an intense, semester-long, experiential program that provides hands-on education, mentorship and resources to University of Hawai'i students and faculty who seek to learn what it takes to be an entrepreneur and start a business venture. The competition encourages collaboration across disciplines, and engages a wide array of competitors from various fields including Engineering, Computer Science, Medicine, Art, Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering, Tropical Agriculture and Business. Through the BPC, aspiring entrepreneurs practice the art of testing the feasibility of a business idea, developing a business plan, and pitching it to investors. A series of bootcamps, networking events, and coaching sessions are held in conjunction with the BPC to enhance the competitors' experience and to help move their ventures forward.

The BPC is a collaborative project that engages stakeholders in the local business community who believe in entrepreneurial education, as well as University and government officials who assert that innovation and commercialization are vital components of Hawaii’s economic health. More than 50 judges, mentors, and instructors volunteer their time and expertise each year. Cash prizes total $17,500 and in-kind gifts of marketing and legal services value at $23,500.