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Date Posted: (02/11/2019)

From: Darin Olson

I'm looking for a full-time UH student that wants to work on the UH Business Plan Competition and or work on the Purple Prize Accelerator competition. Ohi'a is a sacred tree to many Hawaiians but will become extinct if we can't stop the spread of ROD. I am a UHM College of Education Alum. I'm a generational master beekeeper. Because of my wealth of Ag knowledge, I know about the spread of Rapid Ohi'a Death and how to cure it. I'd like to work together on a pitch competition business plan to help preserve Hawaiian culture and environment.  Please contact and PACE will connect us!


Date Posted: (01/31/2014)
I am looking for a developer to join my team!  Experience in app development would be great but not required.  Anyone with a drive to learn and to push the barriers of fitness to help people live healthier lives is encouraged to join as well, developer or not!  Please contact at if interested.