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Past Challenges


PACE 2018 BPC Winners

RendezView, an innovative software solution that creates collaborative meeting environments, received first place honors at the University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa Shidler College of Business Pacific Asian Center for Entrepreneurship (PACE) 2018 Business Plan Competition at the Waiʻalae Country Club on May 3. Four teams competed for prize packages totaling more than $40,000 in cash and in-kind awards.

Launching in 2000, the BPC has grown to become one of the most exciting, feature events of the University entrepreneurial ecosystem. The BPC is an intense, semester-long, experiential program that provides hands-on education, mentorship and resources to students and faculty (from any of the 10 UH campuses) who seek to learn what it takes to be an entrepreneur and start a business venture. The competition encourages collaboration across disciplines, and engages a wide array of competitors from various fields including Engineering, Computer Science, Medicine, Art, Molecular Biosciences and Bioengineering, Tropical Agriculture and Business. 

Through the BPC, aspiring entrepreneurs practice the art of testing the feasibility of a business idea, developing a business plan, and pitching it to investors. A series of bootcamps, networking events, and coaching sessions are held in conjunction with the BPC to enhance the competitors' experience and to help move their ventures forward. 

The HEI Charitable Foundation and the Hawaiian Electric Companies were the title sponsors. Other sponsors include Convergent Law Group, HiBEAM, Pineapple Tweed and the University of Hawaii Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation.

The results are:

FIRST PLACE – Prize package includes $10,000 cash and over $17,600 value in legal and marketing services, and co-working space membership

  • Team: RendezView
    RendezView is an innovative software solution that creates collaborative meeting environments where multiple users work together in real time with multiple files in the same virtual space from their own devices.
  • Team members: Alberto Gonzalez Martinez, Dylan Kobayashi, and Ryan Theriot. 

SECOND PLACE – Prize package includes $5,000 cash and $8,000 value in legal and marketing services

  • Team: Rose Gold Gems
    Rose Gold Gems is the “Warby Parker” of jewelry, disrupting the luxury jewelry market by offering affordable 14k solid gold, diamonds, and gemstones through a direct to consumer distribution model.
  • Team members: Kahiau Machado, Kylie Shimada, and Rose Wong 

THIRD PLACE – Prize package includes the $2,500 HiBEAM Bill Richardson Pioneer Prize and $3,000 value in legal and marketing services.

  • Team: Swipewrap
    Swipewrap is a software service that enhances the digital gifting user experience with personalized, 3D unwrappable gift boxes, which users can unwrap with their fingers on their smartphone.
  • Team members: Tom Knapp-Ramos and Jonathan Uejbe 


Year Business Name Team
2017 Herbavore- A company that designs and manufactures innovative, modular horticultural hand tools. VIDEO>> Robert Saito and Derek Woodruff
2016 Canine Kitchen (formerly Whole Dog Foods Hawaii)- A company that provides fresh daily meals for dogs using simple, healthy and USDA approved ingredients.  Kyla Aki, Sean Kovacs and Sarah Reo


Akabotics LLC- Intelligent robots for environmentally friendly and cost-effective sediment management and flooding risk mitigation of waterways. Monica Umeda and Newton Parks
MiWa Technology- A novel non-invasive radio-frequency sensor for continuous monitoring of multiple vital signs, including unique measurement of changes in lung water content. 
Magdy Iskander, Darcy Bibb, Gui Chao Huang, Matthew Amore and Ruthsenne Perron
SmarTummy- An abdominal simulator designed to fill a ubiquitous void in the medical, nursing, and emergency medical service (EMS) education industries: a reliable and accurate means to train students in abdominal palpation exams. 
Larry Martin, Dr. Scott Miller, John Salle, Dr. Walton Shim and David Yarber
Unique Lite Design- A lightweight unit load device, used for compartmentalizing and carrying cargo on a wide body aircraft
Christian Daoud, Alanna James and Dr. Mehrdad Nejhad
Diagenetix- A technology that detects specific genomic DNA faster and cheaper than existing technology.
Ryo Kubota, Scott Shibata, and Jimmy Saw
Ka Mahi'ai Ihi o Wa'ilea- A commercial venture in the State of Hawaii for the production and marketing of Hilo Maile.
Richard Kido, Keali'i Lum, Kehaulani Lum and Charles Rose
NanoGreen, Inc.- A company specializing in nanotechnology research and development in advanced structural chemicals and materials.
Donavan Kealoha, Mehrdad Nejhad, Richard Russ, Atul Tiwari and Lee Taylor
Manoa Transgenics, Inc.- An innovative gene insertion technology to develop transgenic mice and proprietary gene delivery plasmids that aims to cure genetic disease in humans.
Renata Matcheva, Doris Miocinovic and Pearl Ueranant
MicroNose Technology- A high efficiency, low cost water filtration systems media that removes arsenic and other toxic heavy metals from municipal drinking water systems.
Liangjie Dong, Harmoni Elliott, Daoping He, Jason Moran and John Varlaro
Risk Assessment Laboratories- A test, which will be administered by hospitals and funded by insurance companies, that accurately predicts preterm birth and diagnoses disease.
Stephen Morgan, John Ng, Robert Sherman, Kevin Rosenblatt and Peter Bryant-Greenwood
Pipeline Communications and Technology Inc.- A technology transfer and intellectual property licensing company that developed a revolutionary antenna prototype that enables high-security point-to-point communications.
Ryan Miyamoto, Wayne Shiroma, David Hales, Blaine Murakami and Monte Littlefield
Birding Vietnam- Provides high quality birdwatching services to foreign visitors in Vietnam.
Elaine Franklin, Mai Thai and Tao Feng
Zoji Golf- Offers a uniquely designed interchangeable shaft system for golf clubs that is designed to grow with young golfers.
Jill Hamasaki and Len Higashi
Ecospan Systems- A manufacturing and marketing operation in Asia that produces structural insulated buidling panels made from the agricultural by-product rice straw fiber.
Ecospan Systems Barry Sullivan, Monte Littlefield and Tamaki Saito



Year Business Name Team
Hydroponics Hawaii- Integration of modern hydroponics horticulture with Hawaii's climate to grow Native Hawaiian plants, accelerating plant cloning rates three times faster than traditional soil methods.
Eric Martinson, Carmie Pasquariello, Keith Sakuda, and David Walfish
Searider Productions Studios- Hawaii-based digital media production company that leverages the talents of teachers and alumni from the Searider Productions education program at Waianae High School.
John Allen III, Ric Gresia, Kilikina Mahi, Candy Suiso, and Mishan Suiso
Hoku International- A Hawaii based agribusiness specializing in the research and development of high quality Hawaii grown native and non-native plants and various medicinal herbs.
Lora Oshima, Rod Oshima, Ingelia White, Susie Kuhn, and Jeff Sakai