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Elyse Petersen

Founder & CEO of Tealet

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 "There are resources available to help, you just need to seek them out."

About Tealet

Tealet is a company that provides a transparent agriculture supply chain between tea growers in Japan and the US market.

Tealet History

I started Tealet immediately after finishing a Japanese focused MBA. During the time of my studies I worked through a PACE program to write a market feasibility study for Hawaii Grown Tea. This deep research into the market of specialty tea showed me there was a huge pain point on connecting artisan tea producers with the luxury market. After completing a 4 month internship on a tea farm in Kyoto, Japan, I returned to the US with the request from the tea growers to build a business that could transparently connect them to the US market.

Lessons through PACE

I learned about networking and business organization at PACE. I also learned that there are resources available to help, you just need to seek them out. Of course, you also need to find the confidence to ask for help, which PACE helped me develop.

Words of Advice

If you want to work for yourself, start doing the work now. You don't need a product idea or business to start doing this work. Find your voice and your community and the product and business will develop itself.

Contact Tealet: 

Facebook: @Tealet
Instagram: @tealettea