The Pacific Asian Center for Entrepreneurship

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PACE Fellowship

Who are PACE Fellows?

PACE Fellows are a cross-discipline cohort of University of Hawaii students with entrepreneurial goals and interests. The Fellows have an interest in contributing to an entrereneurial and innovation-driven system of campuses at the University of Hawaii. A maximum of 5 students are selected each year. These students work closely with PACE staff to organize and execute entrepreneurial initiatives; and serve as champions of PACE by sharing their knowledge about PACE across the University of Hawaii System.

Fellowships are awarded each academic year, starting in Fall and ending in Spring. The deadline to apply for the next selection is (Date TBA).

What's the process?

  1. Students must apply online.
  2. Students must provide at least 1 UH Faculty or Staff member reference in their application.
  • Select students will be offered an in-person interview with PACE staff.
  • Students who accept the invitation must sign a Participation Agreement.