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Fall 2018 Kickoff Event

PACE Kickoff Video Recap

Thank you to everyone who stepped up to the plate to pitch and participate in our 2018 Kickoff Event on Thursday, September 27! We had a blast meeting students and faculty from across campus. Congratulations to the Dive Buddy Drone duo for being voted "On the Pitcher's Mound" MVP (Most Valuable Pitcher). If you weren't able to attend the event, check out this video recap. Let's continue to inspire each other to pursue innovative and entrepreneurial initiatives across UH!


PACE welcomes all aspiring UH entrepreneurs to present their startup idea at a pitch event on Thursday, September 27. This kickoff event celebrates innovation and entrepreneurship at UH, and provides a literal platform for students to bring attention to their idea. It's an opportunity to be bold, be brave, practice pitching, sell your idea, and connect with other innovators and like-minded students.

Don’t have an idea? No problem! Join the action and support your friends by voting for their business idea. 


The participant must be a current, classified UH student or UH faculty. Participants will have 1 minute to pitch and convince the live audience to support their business idea. Slides are not allowed, but other visual aids and props are permitted.

After the pitching round, spectators will have the chance to vote for their favorite idea. The idea with the most votes will be crowned MVP and win the grand prize. Spectators will also have a chance to participate in a social media challenge to go for a second grand prize.

Refreshments will be served, while supplies last. The event is FREE, but in order to be eligible for prizes, participants must pre-register by 12:00 PM on September 26. There are a limited number of spots to pitch. Walk-ins are welcome to attend to cheer on the pitchers!

ONE-MINUTE PITCH TEMPLATE (suggested, not required)


FOR [target end user/customer],

WHO [need something/have a problem],

[your product or service]

IS A [what it is]

THAT [what it does].

UNLIKE [nearest competitor],

[your product/service] [why it’s better].


FOR mobile urban citizens,

WHO have a driver's license, but don't have a car,


IS A car rental service

THAT offers per-minute car rentals.

UNLIKE Hertz, Sixt or Avis,

Car2go offers Smart Fortwo cars customers can leave wherever they are.