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Past Lectures

Yes! A Memoir of Modern Hawaii - Walter A. Dods Jr. February 16, 2016. View video

Five Keys to Entering New Markets - Frank Lavin. February 25, 2015. View video

A Conversation with - Takeshi Niinami. February 11, 2013. View video

A Conversation with - John C. DeanSeptember 25, 2012. View video 

Talk Story with Three Hilo Born Entrepreneurs -  Alan Ikawa, Duane Kurisu, Barry TaniguchiNovember 30, 2011. View video

A Conversation with - Steve CaseNovember 1, 2010. View video 

A Discussion with Hawaii's Own - Pierre OmidyarJanuary 27, 2010. View video

Venture Capital in Hawaii: A New Era - Karl FooksNovember 10, 2009. See more

Observations on the Venture World and the Workplace - Richard MoranNovember 13, 2008. See more

A Conversation with - Mark FeldmanMarch 12, 2008

A Conversation with - Umang GuptaNovember 7, 2007

Starting SomethingJeff Kleck and Wayne McVicker. January 17, 2007

Entrepreneurship in the Far East: Securing Venture Capital in China - Danny Lui, Gavin Ni, and Barry Weinman. September 7, 2006

Entrepreneurship and Ethics - Samuel ZellJune 23, 2005

Technology, Work, and the Transformation of Companies - James A. Champy. October 21, 2004. 

The Art of the Start: TIme-Tested, Battle-Hardened, Information for Anyone Starting a Company - Guy Kawasaki. September 15, 2004

The Fitzsimons Experience: Building a life science community - Robert E. Olson. June 17, 2004

An Entrepreneurs' View of Building and Creating a Successful Company - John E. Anderson. March 23, 2004

Venture Capital Today: The requirements for getting fundedIrwin Federman, Cliff Higgerson, Dubose Montegomery, Andreas Stavropoulos. November 6, 2003

The Many Challenges Facing Today's Startup CompaniesJames Kochman, William Richardson, Barry Weinman, and Peter Ziebelman. March 20, 2003

Then and Now: Growing a company in the post-bubble, post-Enron environmentRichard J. Heckmann. January 30, 2003

The Life Sciences / Biotech Industry: Today's challenges and opportunities - Robert Bellas, Samuel Colella, Robert Quy, and Richard Sherman. November 19, 2002

Lessons Learned: Mistakes Startups Make - Robert Gunderson, Craig Johnson, Gregory Kim, and Richard Testa. April 25, 2002

Dancing with Angles in Hawaii: Secrets of getting your startup funded - John May. March 7, 2002

Venture Capital... A Silicon Valley Perspective - Charlie Bass, Jean-Louis Gassee, Jamie Shennan, and Barry Weinman. February 14, 2002

Then Versus Now: Starting a company in the new new economy - Guy Kawasaki. November 13, 2001