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Summer Startup Launchpad


Brandon Lu

Having the opportunity to participate in the Summer Launchpad gave me the confidence to further pursue my dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. I have gained an abundance of knowledge, skills and abilities over the 6 weeks. If given the opportunity again, I would definitely participate in the Summer Launchpad.

- Brandon Lu, 2017 Launchpad participant

Sierra Teramura

By the end of this program I was able to comfortably tell the story of our business plan and answer any questions that came our way. I now have a much deeper understanding of everything that goes into the business plan, even for a small company. This program definitely solidified our idea, and made us even more anxious to pursue the business.

- Sierrah Teramura, 2017 Launchpad participant

Isaiah Lundell

The Launchpad program for me was one of the most beneficial classes I have ever taken. I have zero regret about sitting through the 7 hour classes for 6 weeks. I have gained so much knowledge that not only benefits me from a business aspect, but I've gained things that I can apply to my daily life. I am so glad I decided to take this course.

- Isaiah Lundell, 2017 Launchpad participant

Kainalu Matthews

This program was an excellent fit for my team and I highly recommend it to all businesses who are in the startup phase. Through this program I gained a ton of motivation to continue our business, and now we are developing our product.

Kainalu Matthews, 2017 Launchpad participant

Nana Ohkawa

The Summer Launchpad program was a great learning experience. I thought our accessibility to our mentor and other mentors within the program was invaluable. The program was one of the best learning experiences I have had during my part-time MBA journey.

- Nana Ohkawa, 2017 Launchpad participant

Nikolao Wendt

The Launchpad program through PACE was honestly one of the best academic classes I have been apart of during my time as a college student. Although we do learn a lot in the various classes offered at Shidler, I believe the only way to truly understand what entrepreneurship is, is to go through an experience like Launchpad.

Nikolao Wendt, 2017 Launchpad participant


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