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2018 Teams


CPCS team

Ken Kajihiro & Shekh Mahmudul
Not Pictured: Olivia Ng

Dining Club App team

Dining Club App
Asuka Suzuki
Not Pictured: Jinan Banna, Reza Ghorbani, Yuki Ariga

Genomino team

Saul Bernal Ramos
Not pictured: Miguel Gonzalez

Good Egg team

Good Egg
Kareem Elassy & Arifur Rahman

Hawaiian Streetwear team

Hawaiian Streetwear
Will Cockett & Lissa Cockett

Kope Soap Co. team

Kope Soap, Co.
Kirk Urada, Matt Yoshioka, & Tate Castillo

Monk Seal team

Monk Seal
Jerome Kimes & Larry Mays

RendezView team

Alberto Gonzalez & Ryan Theriot
Not Pictured: Dylan Kobayashi

Rose Gold Gems team

Rose Gold Gems
Rose Wong & Jena Funakoshi      

SaMOANA team

John Patu
Not Pictured: Patrick Patu

The Combat Ball team

The Combat Ball
Guillermo Villa & Evan Strouse

Worthyware team

Benjamin Revord & Savannah Adler

Ken Kajihiro

Just as we wanted, Launchpad threw us into the fire with a steep learning curve! Highly recommended!

- Ken Kajihiro, 2018 Launchpad Participant
Accounting Student

Tate Castillo

The most beneficial thing about Launchpad for me was being able to ask questions and bounce ideas off this group.

- Rose Wong, 2018 Launchpad Participant
Business Student

John Patu

Launchpad was an exciting experience that provided very real life feedback about starting a business in Hawai‘i. The mentors were very supportive and encouraging and this reassurance definitely gave us the drive and motivation to keep pushing forward in our startup endeavors.

- John Patu, 2018 Launchpad Participant
Pacific Islands Studies Student

Benjamin Revord

There is nothing more valuable than taking an idea and testing it in the field, and in front of peers that are on the same level of exploration.

- Benjamin Revord, 2018 Launchpad Participant
Music & Entertainment Learning Experience Student

Savannah Adler

PACE provided what could have been 4 years worth of education in 6 weeks. Wow, that was incredibly valuable!

- Savannah Adler, 2018 Launchpad Participant
Fashion and Design and Merchandising Student

Jerome Kimes

PACE was the compass that guided me to enlightenment by understanding and preparing me for my entrepreneurial adventure.

- Jerome Kimes, 2018 Launchpad Participant
Ethnic Studies Student