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Dean Okimoto and Roy Yamaguchi

Chairman/President, Chef/Founder

About the Speakers:

Dean Okimoto is the Chairman and President of ‘Nalo Farms, Inc. Roy Yamaguchi is the chef and founder of a collection of restaurants. In 1991, Dean was on the brink of closing Nalo Farms when a mutual friend introduced him to Chef Roy. Roy convinced Dean to keep his farm open to purchase the farm’s baby greens for his restaurants. Chef Roy is revered for his culinary skills and innovation of Hawaiian-inspired cuisine. He is a master at incorporating local ingredients in his menu. Roy’s restaurants served as a catalyst for many more opportunities for the farm to break into the restaurant scene. Today, Nalo Farms services over 90 restaurants on Oahu and Maui. Dean and Chef Roy are a prime example of how farmers and restauranteurs can have mutually beneficial relationships.