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Liz Schwartz

Owner, Coffee Talk, Inc.

About the Speaker:

Liz came to Hawaii in 1987 to open Hard Rock Café in Honolulu. Her job was to open Hard Rock Cafes around the world. She fell in love with Hawaii, and decided to plant roots on the island permanently.  In 1992, she opened Coffee Talk, a neighborhood coffee house and cafe. Her store opening preceded the Starbucks explosion and specialty coffee nooks on every corner. Coffee Talk has been open for about 20 years now, and remains an iconic venue at the top of Waialae Avenue.

Discussion Topic:

Liz talked about starting the business, and how she has survived and thrived in an evolving, hyper-competitive marketplace. She even revealed secrets to her longevity and prosperity!

09.22.14 Inspiring Innovation Speaker Series Featuring Liz Schwartz from Shidler College of Business on Vimeo.