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Entrepreneurship Live with Tamara Butterbaugh

Tamara Butterbaugh Photo

Tamara Butterbaugh

Co-Founder of Mānoa Chocolate Hawaii

"Breaking the Chocolate Mold - The Story and Values Behind Mānoa Chocolate Hawaii" 

-First 20 people through the door will receive a full-size chocolate bar
-Free and open to students, faculty, and staff from all 10 UH campuses
-Chocolate samples and refreshments while supplies last


Friday, Oct. 4, 2019
4:00–5:30 PM | Doors Open at 3:30 PM
sPACE, Shidler Room E-402

Photo of Co-Founders

About the Speaker:

Tamara and Dylan Butterbaugh are the founders and owners of Mānoa Chocolate Hawaii, a bean-to-bar house of craft chocolate set-up like a winery in Kailua. By sourcing cacao like wineries source grapes, they seek quality beans from across the Hawaiian Islands and around the world through socially responsible, direct trade. The Butterbaugh's were exposed to craft chocolate at the University of Hawai‘i College of Tropical Agriculture where a friend was studying the crop, theobroma cacao. With a passion for sustainability, forestry, and the vision of a Hawai‘i-based manufacturing industry with global potential, they launched the company in 2010 to process cacao for emerging farmers. With little resources and a lot of determination (such as tricycle and barbecue powered equipment) the company has steadily grown to be in the top ten largest craft chocolate makers in the U.S. In 2019, Mānoa Chocolate was recognized as the Hawaii Venture Capital Association’s Consumer Packaged Goods Entrepreneur of the Year.

*Please note that the originally scheduled speaker event with Martin Tobias has been canceled. 


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