The Pacific Asian Center for Entrepreneurship

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The Professional-in-Residence (PIR) program connects UH students and faculty with local business professionals. Besides education beyond the classroom, students receive valuable insight about a specific industry. This program also makes UH students, who are already interested in pursuing careers in entrepreneurship, accessible to business professionals.

  • PACE hosts 3 to 4 PIRs each semester. PIRs rotate each week, and hold office hours on the UH Manoa campus.
  • PIRs have expertise in one or more of the following areas: business, entrepreneurship, law, intellectual property, marketing, finance or venture funding.
  • Duties and responsibilities of the PIR include offering practical knowledge and advice on specific entrepreneurial issues; and introducing faculty and students to colleagues who may be of further assistance.
  • Faculty and students are required to schedule an appointment. The faculty / student must pose a specific question or desired outcome when making the appointment.
  • PIRs donate their time and knowledge to this program. They do not receive compensation for their service.

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