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Interdisciplinary Research Teams

PACE believes that the most successful startups are born from collaboration between scientists, engineers, business experts and lawyers. Therefore, PACE supports and encourages interdisciplinary studies, in which students from various fields of study work together and apply their specific knowledge to produce research and feasibility reports for clients.

Hawaii Grown tea study


In collaboration with the College of Tropical Agriculture and Human Resources, three students (Jie Gonsowski, Elyse Petersen and Aurencio Seguritan), spent the summer of 2011 researching the feasibility of large-scale farming and production of tea in Hawai‘i. The report suggests that tea grown in Hawai‘i has the ability to attain premium prices if marketed properly thereby making it a potentially profitable crop. The report was presented to State legislators on September 12, where it was very well received. An executive summary of the report is available at