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Competition Volunteer

The UH Venture Competition would not be possible without the generous support of our business community. Each year, more than 50 professionals serve as volunteer judges, coaches, and instuctors. The volunteers' expertise, time, and introductions are core to the success and impact of the competition. If you are interested in volunteering, please see below for details. 

Minimum Qualifications:

PACE seeks volunteers who have at least five years of experience in business and/or work history in the entrepreneurship arena. Preference for coach and Round 2 judge roles will be given to volunteers who have prior experience as a PACE competition coach or judge.

Volunteer Roles:

Please note that a volunteer may serve as a judge in round 1 and 2, but coaches may not serve as a round 2 judge. 

    Coaches are an integral part of the competitors’ experience. Coaches are paired with one semifinal team, and provide vital mentorship and help to:

    • Make connections and introductions to their networks so that the team can conduct customer interviews;

    • Focus the team to develop product/market fit; and

    • Provide feedback on the team’s business plan and pitch.

    • Coaches must attend a briefing and team meet-and-greet from 11 AM to 1 PM on Saturday, March 14 at UH. 

    • Time Commitment: One hour per week from March 10 to May 7. Duration depends on the success of the team in the competition. 

  • ROUND 1 JUDGE (Virtual) 
    Judges in this round review, score, and provide feedback on not more than 6 business summaries (via email). Scores are due at 10 AM on March 9.
    Time Commitment: A few hours from March 2 to 9 to score summaries.

  • ROUND 2 JUDGE (In person)
    Judges in this round review, score, and provide feedback on not more than five business plans, AND judge oral presentations for the same plans. Written plan scores are due at 10 AM on April 17. Round 2 Judges must attend the semi-final event from 9 AM to 1 PM on April 18 at the Shidler College of Business.
    Time Commitment: A few hours from April 6 to 17 to score the written plans, and 4 hours on April 18.