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Virtual Professional-in-Residence

The Virtual Professional-in-Residence (VPIR) program connects UH students and faculty with business professionals by way of electronic mail and phone. Besides education beyond the classroom, students may receive leads to job opportunities and valuable insight about a specific industry. This program also makes UH students, who are already interested in pursuing careers in entrepreneurship, accessible to business professionals.

  • Services of the VPIRs include offering practical knowledge and advice; and possibly introducing faculty and students to colleagues, who may be of further assistance.
  • VPIRs have expertise in one or more of the following areas: entrepreneurship, law, intellectual property, marketing, finance, or venture funding.
  • VPIRs are available to current University of Hawaii students and faculty.
  • Students and faculty must make an appointment to get in touch with any one of the VPIRs in the pool of business professionals. VPIRs are full-time business professionals, who are volunteering their time and expertise. Knowing this: students and faculty are asked to limit their phone conversations to a maximum of half an hour. Emails should be phrased in a way that limits the VPIRs response time to half an hour.

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