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Warrior Creativity Challenge

Warrior Creativity Challenges offer University of Hawaii students chances to participate in fun, impromptu, one-hour activities that channel entrepreneurial skills, including creativity, collaboration, critical thinking and effective communication. 

This challenge is a re-formatted version of the Warrior and Manoa Club Challenges. This year, we're challenging students to participate in fun and quick activities for prizes. Students who are in a UH Manoa club may chose to represent their club at the challenge. There will be an overall award for the club that garners the most participatory members throughout the semester. This club award is $500 per semester.

- Do something fun during your lunch break
- Eat free food
- Win prizes
- No judgement. No grades. No negativity allowed.
- Meet other students from across campus

No need to register. Just show up at the designated location and be ready to take on the challenge!


Creativity Challenge #6: All Day, Err Day
Thursday, April 20
Location: sPACE
11:45 AM Check-in
12:00 PM Challenge reveal

Challenge #5: All Ears
One player from each team was shown an illustration. This player had to describe the image to the next in line, and so on and so forth. The last member was given the challenge of drawing that image, based on the verbal description. View more photos here.
PACE Challenge #5: All Ears participants
Challenge #4: Let It Flow
Players had 20 minutes to build a free-standing structure to funnel water from one location to another. View more photos here.
PACE Challenge #4: Let it Flow participants
Challenge #3: The Gift of Giving
Participants were introduced to their new "best friend." They then had 15 minutes to create a holiday gift with the provided materials for their new friend. View more photos here.
PACE Challenge #3: The Gift of Giving participants
Challenge #2: Blind Ambition
Players had 14 minutes to build the largest possible free-standing cube with bam bam sticks and tape. View more photos here.
PACE Challenge #2: Blind Ambition participants


Challenge #1: Sky's the Limit
Players had 15 minutes to build the tallest possible structure with the materials provided that can support a marshmallow. View more photos here.
PACE Challenge #1: The Sky's the Limit participants

At each challenge, players win merch, swag, cash and / or gift certificates.

At the end of each semester, one club will win $500 for having amassed the most participatory members, over 3 challenges.
Congratulations to the American Marketing Association for winning the Fall 2016 Warrior Creativity Challenge!

PACE Fall 2016 Warrior Creativity Challenge winning club