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PACE Grants

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PACE Grants are awarded to UH RIO (Registered Independent Organization) that wish to organize, host, and execute an event or interdisciplinary project focused on innovation and entrepreneurship. Examples of such events and projects include lectures with guest speakers, training and educational workshops, startup demonstrations and showcases, hackathons, pitch contests, idea challenges, and projects that require cross-discipline interaction between various programs of study. Grant amounts of $500 to $2,000 are awarded, based on the group's need.


  • To encourage a creative, innovative and entrepreneurial mindset among UH students by supporting groups who wish to contribute positively to the entrepreneurial environment on campus.
  • To spur entrepreneurial activity on UH campuses by providing funding to UH groups who wish to create something that benefits the entire UH community.


  • Applicant must be a UH RIO (Registered Independent Organization) with a banking account in the RIO's name. Checks will be made payable to the RIO's name. Checks can not be made payable to individuals.
  • RIO must have a valid Tax Identification Number. Federal and state taxes are the responsibility of the RIO.
  • Requests must be for entrepreneurial events and projects that are open to all UH students, from any UH campus.
  • Grants will NOT be awarded for travel, research, prototyping, compensation to event organizers, or seed capital for new business ventures.
  • Events / projects must be completed during the same semester in which the grant is awarded.
  • Each RIO may submit more than one application, however, each RIO may receive only one grant per semester.


  • Applicants must submit an ONLINE FORM to be considered. Deadline to register in Fall 2018 is October 1.
  • A limited number of grants will be awarded each semester.
  • A selection committee will review all applications and conduct in-person interviews.
  • Successful applicants must adhere to PACE sponsorship requirements; and provide post-event/project impact and expense reports.