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Assaf Karmon

CEO, CTO, & Founder of Turnover BnB

Assaf Karmon

 "I learned the power of validation and early failures."

About Turnover BnB

TurnoverBnB is a platform that automates vacation rental logistics and a marketplace that connects property managers with service providers.

Turnover BnB History

TurnoverBnB was a pivot from a previous idea we had (developed during Prof Bystrom's entrepreneurial finance class in the Shidler MBA program ), building a micro cleaning service; a 1 hour daily tidy sessions for busy families. That idea failed but we discovered the need for vacation rental cleaning and from that the software platform and the markteplace. We developed the idea for the PACE BPC of 2017 and started development shortly after.

Lessons through PACE

During my MBA years, I went through the PACE program and worked on several ideas. I learned the power of validation and early failures.

Words of Advice

Don't wait! Being a student is a great time to work on new ideas - it might not seem like it but you have more time now than you will ever have. Use it!

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