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Breakthrough Innovation Challenge


PACE is pleased to announce the following six finalists for the 2014 Breakthrough Innovation Challenge. 

  • CarBet: An online platform that helps you request automotive repair services and compare offers from a local network of automotive professionals. 
  • HI Crossroads: A unique mobile application software designed to reduce unnecessary crosswalk accidents caused by limited visibility conditions of drivers and pedestrians.
  • IlluminesceSense: A stage and dance floor lighting system that combines artistic expression and engineering to achieve new standards in interactive design. 
  • Lifesense: A non-intrusive, health monitoring t-shirt for elderly and athletes that continuously detects vital signs and feeds the data to a mobile device. 
  • LoadX: A software-based energy load explorer which monitors home energy usage and incentivizes homeowners to reduce energy and replace old appliances to new energy efficient appliances.
  • Smart Shoes: A shoe that uses kinetic energy from each step to power mobile phones and electronic devices. 

Join us for the final event where these challengers will compete for the judges' approval of their unique product or service. Challengers who capture two or more "go" votes from the judges will win $250 in an "X Factor" style showdown. RSVP HERE by November 13.