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Peter Rowan

VP of New Ventures at Coinstar (which invested in Redbox)

About the Speaker:​

Peter Rowan was Corporate Vice President, New Ventures at Coinstar from 2001-2010. During his tenure, the company grew from $150 million to $1.3 billion in revenue, entered new lines of business and introduced innovative growth initiatives like its DVD kiosks, money transfer, and e-payment programs. At Coinstar, Peter led more than 20 acquisitions, investments and divestitures, including its investment in Redbox. Peter has taught entrepreneurship and new venture strategy since 2005. He is active in the entrepreneurial community as an advisor, mentor and investor. He has a BA in Russian History from Cornell University, an MA in International Policy Studies and an MBA from Monterey Institute of International Studies.

Discussion Topic:

“Entrepreneurship on a Burning Platform.” Sometimes the dumbest ideas are great ones and the greatest ideas are short-lived. As an entrepreneur it is not always enough to discover the “next big thing.” Often, successful entrepreneurs capitalize on timing, change and competitive weakness in order to build great businesses.